We want to change the world. That’s all. And we want to do it with you.

Welcome to Shared Values

Shared Values is a cooperative working with a network of 20 professional consultants helping businesses and their shareholders, men and women who share the same aspirations. Each and every one of them are recognised practitioners in their field.

We share the same approach to value creation. We believe a business should be its own engine for a change and one which has a holistic vision. We wish to work with them to understand and guide the interplay of its various functions and areas.

Shared Values is there to provide its customers with the competencies to cover all the requisite aspects of business development: strategy, business model, innovation management, social entrepreneurship, marketing, commercial development, finance, legal issues, taxation, energy and environment management, IT systems, human resources, organisational management, governance and wealth management.

Shared Values is a sustainable change facilitator, reconciling economic, environmental, social and corporate performance.


Our mission

Shared Values can help businesses look at things in a new light; its twenty-strong team brings with it the benefit of its collective experience, expertise and spirit of co-operation.

Shared Values can help to improve your overall performance, social impact and sustainability in Belgium and abroad by designing new socio-economic and governance models. Accordingly, Shared Values provides consultancy for private and public sector companies, assisting them in:

  • identifying their business’s social, environmental and corporate responsibilities and challenges;
  • finding innovative, inclusive, sustainable and viable solutions;
  • putting corporate citizenship at the heart of their business;
  • increasing long and short-term profits and distributing them in a fair and balanced manner between the business, its workers, its stakeholders and its shareholders;
  • valuing human relationships and dissociating the company from sterile competition and the antagonism it can engender.

Shared Values supports businesses and project directors in implementing these new models. To this end, Shared Values:

  • offers coaching, consultancy and support in a variety of formats;
  • disseminates and transfers knowledge through talks, training and publications;
  • carries out executive duties.

Making sustainable development and ethical behaviour an integral part of value creation will help set you apart from your competitors over the long term.

Our vision

 The work of Shared Values is guided by the belief that it is the responsibility of every business to be aware of its energy, economic, ecological and social impact. In the modern world, everybody’s impact is seen differently. This change sets us poles apart from the traditional industrial model. That competition-based model, which sees natural resources as unlimited, is now obsolete.

Shared Values is an ambitious, trailblazing company.

  • Its ambitions are strategic, financial and economic in scope, wedded to human, environmental and social values;
  • It has a coherent business plan; its governance, objectives and key indicators all reflect the company’s values and social commitment and inform its actions;
  • It is organised in a clear, transparent and universally-comprehensible manner;
  • Its Mission is to create positive value and to enable everybody to understand how they can contribute to collective success and value creation;
  • It focuses on the drive towards sustainable development and ethical behaviour in value creation processes.


By sharing the same values we can enjoy greater autonomy and act more rapidly with no loss of cohesion.


Our values

Shared Values is built on a set of core values which underpin its actions and its development. These are the values which unite our team of men and women who, in their liaison, management and collaboration roles, share the same fundamental aspirations.

These values inspire and guide our internal and external work on a daily basis. They shape our attitudes and our behaviour. They are what motivate all our workers, and what make them want to work for us.

  • Cooperation
    Cooperation requires confidence and openness. To build long-term business relationships in the current economic climate, the needs of all parties need to be taken into account, and a sustainable relationship forged between them for a mutually advantageous relationship

  • Integrity
    We strive to do what is fair, honest and socially responsible. Our integrity is expressed through transparent and honest relationships.

  • Sustainability
    Our decision-making processes are guided by the need to respond to current demands whilst ensuring the emergence of a sustainable and fair world which is fit for the future generations.
  • Joy 
    We are happy to do what we consider fair and beneficial. Our work sparks joy. It is what fuels our fire.

Our Partners

Our Approach


Our approach is to work together to solve society’s biggest challenges.

We have all played an active role in the “traditional” economy. Right up to the point where we realised that the dominant competition-based economic model which treats natural resources as though they were unlimited, is unsustainable. We have therefore changed course. We now believe that all businesses are both responsible for and capable of simultaneously creating economic, environmental and social value.

At Shared Values, we have decided to become the change that we want to see in the world. Humbly, and at our own level, but with fierce determination. With Shared Values YOU TOO can also decide to be the change which you would like to see in the world and in your business. How? By getting a new perspective on your business, by seeing things differently, by moving from a turnover-based economy to an added-value economy.

There is no need to slow down: you just need to change direction.


Our value proposition

Volatility, uncertainty and complexity. Our current situation means that we need to move beyond traditional consultancy. This is what Shared Values does. Everything is, of course, based on those skills which Shared Values brings to its customers. By putting together twenty experienced partners to deal with all the problems a business may face, Shared Values offers a palette of expertise and multidisciplinary skills, all under one unique umbrella and ready to tackle the most diverse challenges. They work as a coordinated team, using standardised methods and procedures.

What makes Shared Values different to traditional consultancy firms are the guiding principles under which it works and which it shares with its clients. It aligns people and mutual advantage with the company’s aims and resources, and this at the heart of what it does. What guides our actions is a deep understanding of the business and what is appropriate to its values. We achieve this by ensuring all parties are granted their autonomy.

Finally, in order to support and implement a company plan, our partners take an original, collaborative and supportive approach. It is not enough to merely offer solutions, they need to be implemented. This approach draws on the underlying principles of cooperation, namely: respect, reciprocity, simplicity and the freedom to break new ground. It is part of the systemic vision of the business ecosystem which seeks, from all parties concerned, synergies, the linking of processes and sharing of resources.


We work for all businesses in search of new values.

Positive social impact is not the prerogative of start-ups, which have durability in their DNA. It is just as much, if not more, the prerogative of existing businesses which are looking to change. Our aim is to support both.

  • For those resilient start-ups, we bring the skills and human resources they need to achieve their goals, with the aim of helping them grow stronger in order to increase their positive social impact.
  • For companies looking to increase their positive social impact, we can help shape this new vision and help it become a reality by deploying our full range of business competencies.

Our Expertise

Our Projects

Our Projects

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